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Everything you need for a well-ventilated room.

Our fans and filters are the best in the industry and have been for decades, so it is no wonder that when you are looking for accessories for your room ventilation, we’ll give you what you need. We offer everything you need for your room ventilation: Come to us for your backdraft dampers, pre-filters, flanges, finger guards, mufflers and speed controllers.

Our speed controllers are among the very best in the industry (as are all of our products). Speed controllers in particular are a precision device and it is crucial to buy one you can rely on.

Our flanges are perfectly made to fit with our filters, and you’ll also find that by using our pre-filters, you are getting a complete system that was designed to fit perfectly together, resulting in no air loss as the air is extracted from your room.

We hope you’ll come to us for all your air ventilation needs. Our entire mission is to create the best quality products in the industry and it’s that level of quality and innovation that has made us the industry leader for over 2 decades.

Trust us for all you accessories, as well as your fans and filters. Whether it’s for a small room or a large business, we have the products you need to completely clean your air and ventilate it so that you can breathe easy. We look forward to serving you!

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