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About Can-Filters

Innovation, Quality, and Long Term Commitment

Over three decades ago, we designed a canister-style filter for high airflow and unsurpassed efficiency. Portability and a long lifespan were key features of this new filter’s success. We named it The Original Can-Filter for simplicity and accuracy and it did just what its name implies.

The filter was great on its own, but pairing it with a fan – a necessary companion for a complete filtration system – took it over the top. We partnered early on with a German manufacturer to bring you the classic Can-Fan, and the instant hit Max-Fan. Focusing on performance and efficiency has helped establish us as an industry leader in filtration and ventilation.

Soon the Can-Filter was being used to filter and improve the air quality in a range of environments – from grow rooms to garages, locker rooms to laboratories, and mining operations to military facilities.

Now with our North American manufacturing site in Vancouver, Washington and distribution centers throughout the continent, we continue to update the original filters while looking to the future for the most innovative odor mitigation solutions.  We set the bar for air ventilation, but being the best is not enough for us.  Can-Filters and Max-Fan strives to improve the experience for consumers.

When you build your odor mitigation and air filtration system, there is a lot to consider.  Reliable odor filters and fans are not just about being a good neighbor, or adhering to regulations.  They give you the power to keep your grow to yourself, and share it on your own terms, not when equipment fails.  Can-Filters and German engineered Max-Fans are the right choice for reliable, quality filtration systems, from your tent, to the biggest grows around.

Be Part of Our Story

When we began, we knew that air filtration could be a whole lot better. There was a gap and we filled it. Fast forward thirty years, and we can see that our hard work and perseverance really did raise the bar and keep it high. In fact, we innovated our products to the point that they set new expectations. Our products are known throughout the industry for their quality, durability, and performance. Not only that, we deliver. On time. When it matters, we are there so that our clients and customers have the peace of mind they deserve.

Join Our Team

Think you’d like to join us? Take a look at available positions and drop us your resume with a note about why you think you’d be a perfect addition to our team.

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