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Beauty Salon Ventilation

How to Properly Ventilate a Beauty Salon

The special needs of a beauty salon require that the room be continually and proficiently ventilated so that both salon visitors and staff are not harmed by vapor released from products. Not all products are harmful, and not all harmful vapors smell bad. Making sure that you get the ventilation right before there’s a problem is crucial to the long-term success of your business.

Clean Air Beauty Salon Myths:

  • A HEPA Filter will get rid of all harmful particles in the air
  • Keeping windows open is “good enough”
  • If the salon smells good, it’s safe
  • If no one is complaining, it’s safe
  • Ozone filters clean the air better than other filters

Most salon owners know that they need a good ventilation system in place but many don’t know the best choices or what’s available for them. When your salon is properly ventilated, you can breathe easy knowing that you are protecting your workers, guests and people in neighboring businesses.

Beauty salons typically use products that, in combination and over the longterm, can be hazardous to breathe in. Both for beauty salon staff as well as guests, some of whom may be chemically sensitive, providing a clean-air environment make sense.

Can-Filter is the industry leader in activated carbon filtration systems. We manufacture filter, fans and accessories that work quietly in the background of beauty salons cleaning the air in a continuous cycle, ensuring that there are virtually no toxic gases or VOCs in the air. This means that staff and clients are safe and happy as they relax in your salon. You won’t be worrying about complaints about irritants, bad smells or issues with asthma.

Our fans are whisper-silent, and our filters are the best in the industry, often lasting far beyond their 12 to 18 months lifespan. You can learn more about how to design a completely ventilated room step-by-step, or contact one of our trusted distributors to learn more.

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